Electric & Gas Supply

In the past you were forced to purchase your Electric & Gas from your local utility. In the 90s, energy markets began to deregulate. While some areas still have just one supplier and one choice when it comes to energy, more and more states have moved towards deregulation. That means energy customers get to choose who supplies their energy.

If you state is deregulated, UR Energy will help you to find the best rate for your business. The process to change is simple and UR Energy will handle it all. This means improved rates, (as well as an) ability to lock in a lower price, resulting in additional of savings off your utility bill.  Your local utility still transports the electric and services you when in need, you are just getting the supply from a new source. UR Energy has helped thousands of customers switch their suppliers. We always bid out the best possible price for you from the many market partners we work with. Call us today to see what rates are available for your business!